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These Are the Worst Things to Do on a First Date, According to Millennials

Let’s be frank — dating in 2018 can be… well, complicated. We’re swiping left and right, sliding into DMs, hooking up, breaking up, ‘almost’ dating, keeping things casual, ghosting; whatever the new trend or terminology might be, our culture has granted it an opportunity to affect the millennial masses (for better

4 New Fitness Trends in Toronto to Improve Your Movement and Mindset

Fitness trends come and go at a rapid rate, and living in a city like Toronto means we have no shortage of gyms and studios to choose from at any given time. From strength training/bodybuilding gyms to kickboxing, pilates, yoga, barre, CrossFit and more, there are some cult-worthy, beloved workouts

Millennial Love: The Best Expectations to Have Are No Expectations at All

“So what brings a girl like you to Bumble?” The message stared back at me from within the chat window, waiting for my reply. I wasn’t really sure how to answer, a conversational impasse I had encountered countless times as my navigation of the dating pool shifted from apprehensive to

Professional Horoscope: Cancer

There is no denying it — the concept of horoscopes and astrology isn’t for everyone. But with that said, even for the biggest skeptics among us, there is something reassuring (and at times, enlightening) about identifying with predictions that seemingly align with our habits and tendencies, moods, lifestyle, and our professional

Separating Health from Hype: The Ketogenic Diet

“It’s a diet but, like, I can eat all the bacon and cheese that I want. Just no carbs.” My roommate grinned across the kitchen at me following her latest diet declaration, explaining that she had come across a bunch of online articles and forums raving about this new ‘ketogenic