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Sex Talk, With Millennials: Part I

Let’s talk about sex. I mean, let’s really talk about it. Millennials and sex are two discussion points that seem to go hand in hand, after all. We are, if anything, a generation seemingly famed (or shamed) for a cultural embrace of casual sex, bar-borne encounters and the onslaught of Tinder/Bumble dates

#NotableYoungPros: Director of the WE Global Learning Centre Jeff McLeod

Jeff McLeod’s quest to work on projects with a positive global impact have taken him across the world and back. As the Director of the WE Global learning Centre, Jeff oversees programs that use technology to push the boundaries of what a traditional classroom looks like. The 43,000-square-foot community space represents

Millennial Love: What Makes Us Compatible?

Compatibility is a funny thing — we are all aware of its relevance in accordance to our romantic endeavours, but we all likely attach a different definition to it. Quite frankly, compatibility is complicated, and so are we. Personally, I’ve dated men who I felt I was incredibly compatible with, but

Why Beyonce’s September Vogue Cover is Exactly What We Needed

On the list of powerful, celebrity women for which my blatant adoration reaches a fever pitch, Beyonce has long reigned supreme. This comes as no surprise, as her ‘bee hive’ is likely rivalled only by the voracious fan bases of Bieber and Taylor Swift. But Beyonce’s influence extends far beyond

6 Reasons to Ditch your Current Dating App for the Inner Circle

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — modern dating can be… well, complicated. Much like Netflix and Uber Eats, we tend to have a lot of choice at our fingertips. Not to say this is a bad thing; after all, we are a generation of career-driven millennials