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SheWarrior is a fierce brand of athletic wear born from the mind and passion of Natlyn Jones; Stylish and purpose-built for moving and sweating. Natlyn’s eye for fashion, a life within athletics, and an entrepreneurial spirit have all intersected perfectly in the creation of SheWarrior. We had a chance to

Black History is Canadian History. And History is Now

As we come to the end of another powerful Black History Month, may we remind you that history isn’t just in the rear-view mirror of life; it is what is created in the small acts of self-love, discovery, and expression that form and inform how we show up in this

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

Love is patient and kind goes the saying, but one ill-planned Valentine’s Day gift or excursion, and that patience can wear off real quick. We’d hate for that to happen to you, so fear not, if you’re still racking your brain for something to gift yourself, your pal, or the

How a Former Downhill Ski Racer Became an Athleisure Fashion Entrepreneur

It’s remarkable to observe the talent and ingenuity that has come out of female-founded business over the last couple of years. The most awesome is seeing the intersection between fashion and function in a beautifully curated way, and Après Actif – minimalist loungewear and activewear essentials brand is blazing the