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SheWarrior is a fierce brand of athletic wear born from the mind and passion of Natlyn Jones; Stylish and purpose-built for moving and sweating. Natlyn’s eye for fashion, a life within athletics, and an entrepreneurial spirit have all intersected perfectly in the creation of SheWarrior. We had a chance to talk to Natlyn get some insights into her drive and journey.

For people who don’t know, tell us what you do?

Well, I could go on for a while here ha!  But to sum it up, I am a mother to three amazing kids, a wife to my husband Roy Jones Jr., entrepreneur, athletic trainer, boxer, and founder of sustainable athleisure brand, SheWarrior.

What was the inspiration to create SheWarrior? 

For decades, I’ve spent a large portion of my time in the gym and I started to recognize that women don’t have functional yet stylish outfits that they could wear from the gym to the grocery store without having to change or cover-up.  I’ve always strongly believed in empowering and uplifting other women, and I thought that if I can create those missing pieces, I would be doing my supporting role.  

What advice would you give to someone looking to break into the industry you’re in, especially being a woman in the BIPOC community? 

I would tell them that we aren’t always given a seat at the table but to not be discouraged by that, rather use it as your catalyst.  Use that hurdle as the inspiration to fight harder and know that you and your ideas are valuable, even if everyone doesn’t see that at first. 

What is your mission with SheWarrior? 

To create a safe-space for women in and out of the ring.  When you feel good from the inside out, you’re able to succeed in whatever goals you’ve set in front of you.  Also, in ensuring that SheWarrior is made out of recycled materials and dyed through a water-free process, we are helping to pave the way towards an eco-friendly fashion industry.  

What would you tell your teenage self, if you were to meet them today? 

I would tell my teenage self to go for your dreams!  It may not always be an easy path but, if you are doing what you love, the struggles will be worth it.  I was lucky enough to meld my two passions: fashion and fitness into SheWarrior, a practical workout wear brand. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? What advice do you give to your “mentees”? 

I think the best advice I’ve ever received was to expect mistakes.  Launching a business is like a rollercoaster.  There are ups and downs and while scary at times, it’s the best thrill of your life. 

How do you think this new wave of awareness and activism of the injustices in the black community will shape your industry? How about the added intersection of being a woman in fitness?

In my community, injustices have existed far longer than I’ve been alive. We have always been aware of this, but I think in some ways others that aren’t necessarily a part of the Black community have started to finally take notice and actually care. With that being said, I hope this new level of awareness brings more opportunity to the community in all industries, including fitness and fashion.  

What are your hopes for the future, particularly pertaining to allyship and equality among sexes in the BIPOC community? 

I hope opportunity and support come in the form of financial freedom in our community. Without those things it’s almost impossible to grow and have true equality. 

What, adversities did you have to conquer, and what do you attribute your success to? 

I wouldn’t necessarily call this adversity, maybe more of a challenge. I’m not a celebrity or social media influencer and I don’t live in a large metropolitan city with women in socialite circles. So, I’ve had to stop comparing their success and opportunities to my own. I have had to forge my own way with SheWarrior and other endeavors and come to the understand that it’s okay to be different.

Tell us a secret about your your work at SheWarrior. 

Hmmm…a secret about my job?  Well, I love the creative side of designing for SheWarrior but, I’m not a fan of the business side at times

What does the future look like for SheWarrior? 

We have a number of exciting projects in the works.  SheWarrior is in the production stages for a few new collections later this summer as well as a new collaboration.  Unfortunately, everything is currently under embargo but, once we’re able to share we will be sure to do so asap

Where can we learn more about you, follow along, connect with you ?

You can connect with SheWarrior on Instagram, Facebook, and read more about myself and our brand mission on our website.

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