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Are these $270 bubble helmets the future of life under and after Covid?

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic when people were throwing together makeshift masks with, like, socks?

Well, human innovation knows no bounds.

Now that we’re half a year into life under Covid, and with no guarantee of normalcy in the near future, society is stepping up its mask game.

Case in point: These $270 CDN anti-virus helmets. Named AIR and developed by a company called MicroClimate, the bubble promises protection from 99.97% of particles. That’s better than Lysol, depending on whose marketing team you believe. The helmets also weigh two pounds. Pretty swaggy though:

Allegedly, AIR wasn’t developed in response to the coronavirus. The idea came the company’s founder on a ski trip when he was dismayed not to see his children’s faces behind all the snow gear. From there, the idea evolved to become an air travel accessory with low-key marketing to the corona crowd (aka everyone).

Per the website: “We know this new world is not ideal, but when it comes to your safety, we believe nothing is too extreme. And when it comes to air travel, comfort is king.”

AIR comes with a Hepa filtration system powered by two lithium polymer batteries. A fully charged battery lasts for around five hours. After that, you die. Kidding! You gotta plug yourself into a wall though. Also, the fans make hearing “muffled.” Future innovations include a straw.

Interested? The company plans to begin shipping by the third week of October (U.S. only, for now).

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.