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2015 Stats: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Weddings in Canada

Despite all signs to the contrary, spring is here – and with it comes wedding season.

Whether you’re about to have a white wedding (perhaps literally given our April snowstorm) in Canada or you’re jet-setting to sunnier climes for a destination wedding, those bells are starting to ring out loud as tying the knot time takes hold.

Last year we gave you all the facts about weddings that you’ve always wanted to know based on a survey by Now, they’ve put out more facts and statistics about those who said ‘I do’ in 2015 – which got us pondering what we can expect to see in 2016.

Here are some of the wedding trends and numbers from last year:

Wedding Information Canada

– December is still the most popular month to pop the question, with 1 in 5 proposals taking place in the last month of the year – 35 per cent of engagements occurred between December and February.

– Surprise?! Well, maybe not, as 29 per cent of engaged brides had their engagement ring picked out before the proposal.

– The average age of an engaged woman in Canada is 30 years old.

– But we’re not in any hurry – the average engagement will last one year and ten months.

– Its all about those Facebook likes – 61 per cent of respondents said they logged into their social media accounts more since becoming engaged.

– The expected cost of the average Canadian wedding was $30,717 in 2015. Thankfully that included the cost of the engagement ring and the honeymoon.

– So it’s no surprise that 75 per cent of brides agreed that they are likely to spend more than they originally budgeted for.

– August was the most popular time to marry, with 23 per cent of weddings occurring during this summer month.

– The average cost for a wedding gown was $1,779.

– Most of us still want a traditional wedding, with 60 per cent planning for one, while 33 per cent say their day will be less formal and only 7 per cent opting for a simple affair.

– The average bridal party will include eight people.

– The average number of wedding guests is 129 (or 120 for Quebec)

– Need a break after all that? The average length of a honeymoon is 8.8 days, but it wasn’t all relaxation – 1 in 3 brides were considering a honeymoon that involved adventure travel.

– Bahamas has been the most popular honeymoon destination since 2010, with Italy in second and the USA in third place.


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