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You won’t believe which Canadian city is best for young people to work

Listen up, youths, this is important. It concerns your future.

YouthfulCities has just published its inaugural Urban Work Index, a hefty document that scores Canadian cities on how attractive they are for young people (15 to 29) to work.

The index uses four key themes – Affordability, Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship – to rank 21 urban centres, from Halifax to Yellowknife.

The verdict? Go west, young ones, go west: Edmonton is Canada’s best job market for young people. Not so keen on Edmonton? Well, go east then, because Montreal is also very good for your future economic utility. Can’t go wrong in Ottawa, Sudbury, or Kitchener/Waterloo either. Just avoid Winnepeg, ok?

Here’s the top 10:

1. Edmonton (713.86)
2. Montreal (708.13)
3. Ottawa (697.91)
4. Sudbury (681.52)
5. Kitchener/Waterloo (665.63)
6. Hamilton (655.40)
7. Quebec City (645.90)
8. Mississauga (641.81)
9. Victoria (635.37)
10.Toronto (622.60)

You can find a more a much cooler representation below:

And a full breakdown of each city’s score here.

This, impressionable sponge brains, is the first and last time you’ll ever be recommended a move to Sudbury.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.