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How To Develop A Value System For Increased Happiness

Your value system is an integral piece of your personal life puzzle because it defines what values you care about most. When your values are defined, you feel a better sense of direction, purpose and find more clarity to mindfully navigate your daily life.

Here are my top 4 steps to defining your own value system:

Embrace Your Personal Value System
Most people feel torn between decisions when it comes to career, relationships, health, spirituality, and their social life. It’s common to pass through each of these major life themes without strategy, without having really thought about them thoroughly or in advance. The sooner you embrace that you have a value system, and know that it will make navigating your life much smoother, the sooner you’ll have more clarity and confidence in your actions.

Dedicate Time to Defining It
Schedule around half-an-hour to sit down and define your value system. Optimize your experience by cutting out distractions as you dive deep into what values you care most about and what you want out of each of these values. Choose a time that will let you disconnect from the hustle of your “can’t stop, won’t stop” style day so that you can really focus.

Create Your Value System Circle
This is where you will have the opportunity to actually see your values right in front of you. The goal is to visualize a balanced life which means equal weighting amongst your values. So if you find that certain things in your life outweigh others this will give you an opportunity to make the needed modifications to find that balance.
The image below defines my 5 key values and the questions I asked myself when defining my personal value system. You can modify these values and add some of your own, of course, to define your own value system. The important thing is to visualize your values so you can see what to prioritize and what to cast aside.


Share Your Value System With Somebody
Grab someone you trust and share your values with them. Share your self-work and ask for feedback, if you’d like it. Print off a copy of your value system sketch so that you can put it on display in your home, or save it to your desktop — wherever will remind you often of what you value, and what you don’t, to keep you focused on your goals.

Your values will change as you grow, and that’s great. By following these 4 steps you will become closer to profound clarity and a heightened sense of happiness in your life.

Julian Brass, Founder of Notable

Julian Brass is the Founder and Spokesperson of Notable Life (creator of Notable, the Notable Awards, and Notable Yoga @ Equinox). He is a life coach, motivational speaker, investor, certified yoga instructor and soon to be published author. His first book “Living a Notable Life” is coming soon. Follow him @YogaCEO on Instagram and visit his personal site for more info:

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