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Toronto Reporter Confronts Offensive Group of Men at TFC Game

By now, you may have heard about the vulgar trend that involves people jumping in front of the microphone of female reporters (and also a few token males) and yelling “f**k her right in the p***y.” Classy, right? Well, one Toronto journalist decided to do something about it

CityTV reporter Shauna Hunt spoke up on behalf of female reporters around the world when she confronted a group of obnoxious young men outside a Toronto FC game.

It appears the guys (who also sound like they had indulged in a few pre-game beers), were trying for their 5-minutes of “fame” by jumping on the ridiculous (and overplayed) “f**k her right in the p***y” trend.

That’s right, in case you’ve been in the dark, for some time now; it’s been a “thing” to hurl such ridiculous vulgarities into the microphones of female reporters since some loser did it last year in the US.

After dealing with the trend on a daily basis, Hunt decided to do something about it at Sunday’s TFC game.

After enduring one incident while in the middle of interviewing fans on their reactions to the game so far, she asks, “Can I ask why you would want to do say something like that?”

“I feel like it’s quite substantial,” he responds.

Minutes later, she noticed several other douches lurking behind her and asked if they were waiting to bombard her as well.

And indeed they were.

That’s when Hunt had had enough. Check out what she said here:

Apparently these losers may have more to lose than their pride (and use of mommy’s car): Toronto police say that charges can indeed be laid, depending on the circumstances.

And we hope they are.

It’s not just that these guys are saying something inappropriate and offensive, it’s that they’re doing so with a pride and confidence that perfectly balances ignorance and chauvinism.

In fact, we hope that every woman who watches this video makes a solemn vow to never let any of these ‘boys’ f’*ck another p***y for the rest of their lives.


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Erin Davis

Erin is a Toronto-based actor, writer and queen of the side hustle. When she’s not writing the day away in a face mask, she’s taking in the city’s vibrant arts scene, doing a red carpet interview or brunching with her leading ladies. Follow me: @erinnicoledavis