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There’s nothing more Canadian than this 43-km Strava moose

We’re all doing our best to stay sane during these absurd time. Some are just better at it than others.

Case in point: The Ontario cyclist who biked 43 kilometres along a moose-shaped course. Tracking his ride on Strava, he produced what is probably the most Canadian Strava art of all time.

Check it out:

The inspiration came to Toronto resident Mason Zeinali when his cycling team hosted a Strava art contest in lieu of being able to ride as a group. So he found graphic of a moose online, transposed onto Google Earth, and mapped out the route. The moose covers 43 kilometres in total. Zeinali biked another 57 kilometres along the waterfront for good measure.

Fearing a dead phone battery, Zeinali printed the course in six sections. It took him more than seven hours to finish. Presumably, most of that time was spent asking himself, “is this where I turn?”

Needless to say, the design won the contest.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.