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The Loonie is So Bad Apple is Raising the Price of Apps for Canadians

We’re all well aware of the embarrassingly garbage performance of the Canadian dollar over the past year or so – it sucks, to be sure, but it’s had very little impact on our day-to-day lives.

Now, however, sh*t is getting real.

We’re dealing with $3 cucumbers at the supermarket and, perhaps most devastating of all, the minimum price for apps in Canada will rise effective within the next 72 hours. This means the very least you can pay for titles like ‘Papa’s Freezeria To Go!’ is $1.39 – the humanity!

An app that was previously listed for $50, meanwhile, will now be on sale for just under $70.

Such increases aren’t new, and have been implemented in the past following large fluctuations in currencies that don’t level out over time.

Users in New Zealand, Israel, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, and Mexico will also see the minimum price of apps rise, though not at the 17 per cent rate Canada has been dealt.

If there’s an app you’ve had your eye on for a while, best to buy it in the next three days.


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