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Not into It? How to Handle the Holidays

The holidays aren’t always merry and bright for the single young professional (YP), for the YP on a budget, or for those with ‘crazy’ families. Here’s how the holiday hater can handle these festive days

2013 on Twitter: The Biggest Moments and Events

Aside from the saturation of Ford banter, Twitter acted as a real-time visual to the biggest moments and events as they unfolded in the world in 2013, whether it was Chris Hadfield tweeting from space, the deaths of Hollywood celebrities, or reactions to disasters

Notable Weekenders: December 12 through 15, 2013

Sometimes staying on top of your city’s social circuit isn’t so easy; between weekly restaurant openings, multiple fundraisers spread throughout the weekend, pop-up events that come and go in a flash and world-class arts performances, some of those must-attends get lost in the mix. That’s what we’re here for

Vancouver Weekender: December 13 through 15, 2013

We’re almost halfway through the month already and schedules are more than packed with holiday happenings, new openings, special seasonal performances and other reasons to stay close to the city for a weekend full of fun. Here’s where you’ll find us on the social scene

Instagram Possibly Announcing IM Service Today

According to TechCrunch, Instagram is set to introduce an instant messaging service today at a company event in New York City. That’s right, in addition to Facebook chat, regular text messaging, BBM and WhatsApp (four of the most popular messaging methods of hundreds, if not thousands) you’ll now be accessible 24 hours a day on your favourite photo-sharing app as well