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Say No to Cheat Day: Study Shows Lazy Weekends Can Boost Body Fat

When the workweeks are so hectic and warm weather is still months away, we all know what weekends are for: sleeping in, binge-watching, and cheat days. But a new study suggests that taking it “easy like Sunday morning” on the weekends may be worse for your weight than working at

Study Proves Watching Cat Videos is Overwhelmingly Good for One’s Well-Being

What if we told you the key to eternal happiness is watching cat videos? You’d probably call us insane, which would be a reasonable response. Well, guess what? There’s now a study to back this claim. That’s right, money and academic capacity was committed to research the impact watching cat videos has

This is What Happens to Your Brain on Meditation

We’ve all heard it countless times – meditation is good for you. But how is it good for you? What is it doing to your brain that is causing all these incredible things? We’re ready to help demystify the world of meditation

Assuming Perfect: Insight Gained From a Life Cut Short

This much we know: the complexities of young professional life, emotion and circumstance are never accurately reflected on social media platforms. If this wasn’t outrightly obvious before, it certainly was following the shocking death of a dear friend

Working Your Core in Calgary

If you ask any fitness expert, they’ll likely tell you that the first thing to work on is your core. Your abdominal muscles provide strength for the rest of your body to keep balance, have more endurance and prevent injuries. Not to mention, everyone likes a six-pack