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New Zealand Promises “Well-Being Budget” to Improve Quality of Life

Most rankings on quality of life and happiness would place New Zealand near the top of the list. Not first, of course, because that’s where Canada resides. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern thinks the South Pacific nation of just under five million people can do better. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ardern teased

Let’s Actually Talk About Mental Health

I am not going to sit here and review the heartbreaking details of the past week. If you want the facts, you can find them through a quick Google search. Mental health is a disease. It affects many people – those who know it and those who go undiagnosed. The

Why Taking a Vacation Often Feels More Stressful Than Working

Canadians sure love talking about vacations, getaways, and summer road trips. But when it comes to actually taking holidays, there’s definitely room for improvement. Recent numbers released by human resources firm ADP show that 31 million vacation days go unused every year. Even the days we do use are less-than-zen. That’s because of

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Retirement

We all worry. We worry about the future, our ability to achieve all of our goals and dreams, the world of our unborn (or born) children, and the fate of the planet in general. With everything from sky-high real estate prices and increasingly competitive cities to terrorism and the threat

Massive Global Study on DNA Finds the ‘Happiness Gene’

Do you have a friend who is always smiling no matter the weather – an eternal optimist, irrelevant of anything else that’s going on in their life? Annoying, isn’t it? But maybe it’s not their fault. Perhaps they just have the happy gene, because according to a new study genetics may