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Russia Could Be On The Verge Of Destabilizing Politics in Canada

With Russia’s hand heavy on American politics, should young Canadians be concerned about where their vote is going in Canada’s future elections? In a little over two years Canada will be having another federal election: Oct. 21, 2019. Just last year hackers, allegedly Russian, interfered in the most recent U.S.

Canadian House of Commons Passes Vote to Make National Anthem Gender Neutral

Canada’s Liberal government is looking to tweak the lyrics of our national anthem, replacing “in all thy sons command” to a more gender-neutral “in all of us command.” And after last evening’s vote, it looks like the change is going to happen. The private bill that terminally ill Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger had

#NotableAwards: Who is the Best Yoga Instructor in Your City?

Do you know a bendy yogi? Did they help you reach nirvana? Or perhaps they just get you out of bed before 10 am on a Saturday. Encouraging us to challenge ourselves, live our lives to the fullest, and have fun while doing it all, yoga instructors inspire and enlighten