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John Oliver Spends 15 Minutes on Canadian Election, Calls Harper a Dickhead

*Please note that sharing of this content in no way reflects Notable’s stance on who should run our awesome country, rather only our stance on humour. We strongly urge all of you to research and vote for the party that you feel best represents your Canada as is your democratic right.  To Last

No Excuse: Your Boss Legally Has To Give You Time Off to Vote on October 19th

On October 19th, “I’m too busy” simply won’t cut it if you don’t vote. According to federal law, employers must give employees three consecutive hours to vote that can be granted at any time during the work day. That should be more than enough incentive for the 60 per cent of people who

7 Good Reasons Every Millennial Should Vote

We really hope we don’t have to tell you that October 19 is federal election day in Canada. Not only should you care, you should make it a mission to make it to the polling station to cast your vote. According to a Statistics Canada report released yesterday, more young