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Canadian House of Commons Passes Vote to Make National Anthem Gender Neutral

Canada’s Liberal government is looking to tweak the lyrics of our national anthem, replacing “in all thy sons command” to a more gender-neutral “in all of us command.”

And after last evening’s vote, it looks like the change is going to happen.

The private bill that terminally ill Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger had brought forward cleared its final hurdle in the House of Commons Wednesday evening, passing with a vote of 225 to 74.

Bélanger, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2015, was in attendance to see the change take place. Once the vote was cast, nearly all MPs in the House stood and sang the new national anthem – a truly magnificent sight to see.

The next step will send bill C-210 to the Senate for a final debate and committee study; finalization might not occur until Parliament returns from its summer recess.

Despite the landslide vote, many Conservative MPs oppose the change because they believe Canadians haven’t been properly consulted.

Liberals, meanwhile, are rushing the bill due to Bélanger’s illness as they’re hoping he’ll still be alive to see it officially pass.


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