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Everyone is Sexting and Research Shows They’re Probably Happier For It

Anyone who has ever used Tinder or has sent/received at least one of the fifteen most annoying possible messages (I’m looking at all of you) knows that a lot of people could use a lot of work on their texting game. [ad_bb1] But according to new research, things are hooking up.

The 15 Worst Texts You Can Send (or Receive)

We’ve all sent them. And we’ve all felt the sting that comes with receiving them, too. But in an effort to make the most basic form of communication as clear as possible, we’re here to remind you of every text you shouldn’t be sending. They’re annoying, frustrating, and downright rage-inducing.

Scroll Up: 8 Tips for Men to Keep a Tighter Texting Game

Whether you meet her IRL or on POF, your subsequent text game will determine whether you lock down a date. Which is why tips for the textually challenged are very important. If you’ve got two left thumbs (and a bad text game) we feel bad for you, son