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The 15 Worst Texts You Can Send (or Receive)

We’ve all sent them.

And we’ve all felt the sting that comes with receiving them, too.

But in an effort to make the most basic form of communication as clear as possible, we’re here to remind you of every text you shouldn’t be sending. They’re annoying, frustrating, and downright rage-inducing. So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, know that you have other options.

The least of which is writing a full sentence.


Who is this?
This hurts. Every. Single. Time.

What are you, 14 years old? Stop this. No one has thought it was cool since 2008.

The sharpest letter in the texting universe – cuts like a knife. The choice of going lower case and adding a period only details how not okay this person is with whatever is going on.

We need to talk
This is basically the worst sentence in human history. It has never, ever, been used as a way to begin a positive conversation. You’re pretty much f*cked if this pops up on your phone.

Its fine.
NO IT IS NOT. Nothing is anywhere close to fine. This text is probably going to require a phone call.

You will probably never hear from this person again.

Did u get my text?
Not only does this reek of desperation in nearly every context, we also live in 2015 – trust us, they got your text, bro.

If you really need to piss someone off, send them a double question mark. Go ahead, try it right now, we’ll wait.

Can u call me?
You know you’re sending this from a device that makes phone calls, right?

U awake?

Can I ask u something?
The next time someone texts you this just say no. Nine times out of 10 it will be followed by an ‘ok’ and then radio silence.

Guess what?
This could literally take years and we’re already behind our Instagram stalking so f*ck off.

You broke up? What happened??
Either you don’t know the person well enough to ask this question (as evidenced by the fact that you’re asking them via text) or you know them well enough to ask and you’re just an uncaring prick.

Translate this to real life. Seriously, just start sticking your tongue out sideways at people when you’re trying to be cute/funny. Let us know how it works out for you.

‘Want to hang out tonight?’
Just. The. Worst.


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