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University of Edinburgh Students Vote to Spend Over $66,000 on Nap Pods

Napping in between classes or during marathon library study sessions is about to get a little more comfy for students at the University of Edinburgh.

This week, the students passed a motion to get four high-tech nap pods installed in their library.

Many working millennials became privy to the idea of the pods – which play specifically composed sleep music and wake you up with gentle lights and vibrations – after learning that they are a staple in many Google offices.

nap pods
Image: Associated Press

Not surprisingly, the students voted in favour of making them a new addition to their library, with 84 per cent of the 1,900 people who voted supporting the dreamy idea.

They don’t come cheap, though, with each pod costing about $16,000 CAD each.

nap pods
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The decision to add the pods comes in the wake of a report from the Buchanan Institute – a student-led think tank – on why two rooms in the library should be converted to make room for two pods each.

“Student satisfaction for the university is low (120th in the UK according to the 2017 Complete University Guide) and one major factor contributing to this can be student welfare and comfort,” the report reads.

It points to academic research that states that sleep is directly linked to well-being and productivity.

nap pods

Following the successful vote, the students association proceed with a formal request for the pricey pods to university management.

While the cash could surely be used on other important causes  – like mental health workshops or career counselling  – we can’t deny the importance of sleep. And anyone who’s attended a demanding university while working a part-time job knows how minimal your time under the covers can be.

While the students have the resilience of youth on their side, anyone who thinks they don’t need sleep is kidding themselves.

Last week, a new report even revealed that getting even one hour less of sleep drastically increases your odds for a car crash.

So, you may want to run the whole nap pod idea by your boss while he or she is in the festive spirit (just sayin’).

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