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Canada, don’t you care about anything other than sports and celebs?

The year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to litter the Internet with lists. That’s how this works, ok, and you will like it. Today’s info dump comes courtesy of Google, which has analyzed literally trillions of searches to reveal ‘Year in Search’ trends. In other words, what

This is How You Find Out (and Delete) Everything Google Knows About You

Google may know you better than your friends and family do. Of course, each time you use Google services like search, Gmail, Drive, YouTube, and Google Maps, you share information about yourself that Google can share with advertisers to tailor their ads. If you have a thing for fashion, you’ll

Stop What You’re Doing and Go Type This Into Google

We love fun. And Easter eggs. And since we use Google about 700,000 times a day, we love when they have fun with Easter eggs. So if you’re at all any kind of Star Wars fan or just excited to see the latest installment coming out next month, go to

Google Search Data Reveals the Trendiest Hairstyles for Men and Women

About a month ago we declared man braids to be the next big thing in men’s hair. So big, in fact, that we predicted man buns to be over. Bold move. And it turns out were overzealous and incorrect. Whatever happened to man braids? Right, exactly. Turns out a few Instagrams doth