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Google Searches for Moving to Canada Rose More Than 1000% After Super Tuesday Results

Another step closer to the White House for Donald Trump, another loud call to move to Canada from the rational half of our friends South of the Border.

Following Drumpf‘s Super Tuesday onslaught yesterday, many Americans are showing interest in our immigration policy.

In the four hours around the close of polls across Super Tuesday states, searches for “how can I move to Canada” on Google spiked by 350%.

By midnight, the query had risen to more than 1000% its normal search volume. It was especially high in Massachusetts, where Trump dominated the field with just under 50 per cent of the vote.

Other variations of the question were also in high demand:

While it’s easy to dismiss this particular Google trend has reactionary fluff, evidence seems to suggest a considerable number of Americans were actually spurred to action by the evening’s political proceedings. According to Mashable, the Government of Canada’s immigration and citizenship page was bogged down by delays around the time Google searches to head north spiked.

We hear there’s plenty of room in Cape Breton.


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