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SeaWorld’s Profits Have Dropped 84% in the Last Two Years

If you didn’t see 2013’s Blackfish, chances are you at least heard about it. Imagine they made a documentary showing how Cecil the lion was killed – only for the treatment of orcas at SeaWorld – and you’ll get the point pretty quickly. Lots and lots of people were super pissed. And

Tennessee Just Legalized Breaking into Cars to Save Dogs

There are few reasons that would justify breaking into a car, but saving a dog that’s at risk of dying from heat exhaustion is certainly one of them. Starting this month, it will now be legal to do exactly that in Tennessee. An extension to Tennessee’s “Good Samaritan law,” which allows

Everything You Need to Know About (Safely) Boating This Season

From the Pacific Ocean off of Vancouver Island to the lakes of Muskoka, if there’s one thing young professionals like to do – and document on social media – it’s boating. But you know what can really kill the vibe of an otherwise picture perfect Canadian summer day on a