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Toronto Could be Getting a Women-Only Ride-Sharing Service This Summer

Aisha Addo, a 25-year-old entrepreneur and non-profit foundation organizer from Mississauga, was concerned when she heard that many young women question their safety in Ubers or taxis with male drivers. After being in a situation with a taxi driver that left her feeling “trapped,” unable to get out the moving vehicle

You Can Now Track Other People’s Uber Rides

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing if someone you care about has made it to their destination safe and sound. Which is why Uber has launched a new feature called Trip Tracker that will allow users to track their family members’ and loved ones’ rides through the app. The app

You Can Now Screen Your Online Date for Sex Crimes

You never really know what you’re getting yourself into anytime you log into an online dating site or app. On one hand you could talk to someone wonderful that you end up dating. But you could also end up getting harassed or scammed, or potentially end up in real danger. That’s where KATIA steps

Facebook Safety Check: How to Find Out Friends in Paris Are Safe

A year or so ago, Facebook launched its Safety Check feature, which allows people in emergency and disaster areas to effectively ‘check in’ and let their loved ones know whether or not they’re safe. Tonight, Facebook has turned on its Safety Check for those in Paris. If you are in Paris