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SeaWorld’s Profits Have Dropped 84% in the Last Two Years

If you didn’t see 2013’s Blackfish, chances are you at least heard about it.

Imagine they made a documentary showing how Cecil the lion was killed – only for the treatment of orcas at SeaWorld – and you’ll get the point pretty quickly.

Lots and lots of people were super pissed. And rightfully so.

As a consequence of the big reveal, people have been swimming away from the ‘adventure park’ as quickly as possible. According to The Guardian, the company reported steep declines in attendance, sales, and profits because of “continued brand challenges.”

Which seems to us to be a really positive way of saying “everyone now finds us morally and ethically reprehensible.”

CEO Joel Manby, who only joined the company four months ago, added, “We will continue to fight with the facts, because the facts are on our side.” We’re still waiting to find out what those facts are, but in the meantime, we’re happy to hear that many people have decided to abandon a practice that has been proven to be harmful for wild animals.


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