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What Your Love Language Says About You

Relationships are a tricky thing. One minute, what might have began as a mutual swipe right has evolved into something more – countless dates, that warm sensation muddling your mind with serotonin-infused infatuation, the mounting realization that you can (happily) tolerate another human for many consecutive nights at a time. You

#CareerGoals: Somebody Date Us Podcasters, Lauren, Carley and Asal

Toronto-based podcasting trio, Lauren, Carley and Asal are three single gals diving into the highs and lows of the dating world on their podcast Somebody Date Us – providing advice (and comic relief) on love, sex and relationships. What is your podcast about? Lauren: Somebody Date Us is a podcast

Sex Talk, With Millennials: Part III

Sex is complicated. It’s great (I mean, really great) (Did I mention it’s great?) … but it’s also complicated, especially within a dating culture that has — and continues to — evolve in major ways, to redefine our modern understanding of relationships, intimacy, sex and sexuality. If anything, the more media attempts to conceptualize

Millennial Love: What Makes Us Compatible?

Compatibility is a funny thing — we are all aware of its relevance in accordance to our romantic endeavours, but we all likely attach a different definition to it. Quite frankly, compatibility is complicated, and so are we. Personally, I’ve dated men who I felt I was incredibly compatible with, but

Is it Time for Women to Start Proposing to Men?

When it comes to marriage, we’ve moved happily away from traditional gender roles. A woman’s place is no longer in the kitchen; rather, it’s wherever she wants it to be (thank you very much). A lot of women unapologetically keep their last names rather than take their husband’s. Many men