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#CareerGoals: Somebody Date Us Podcasters, Lauren, Carley and Asal

Toronto-based podcasting trio, Lauren, Carley and Asal are three single gals diving into the highs and lows of the dating world on their podcast Somebody Date Us – providing advice (and comic relief) on love, sex and relationships.

What is your podcast about?

Lauren: Somebody Date Us is a podcast where we talk about anything related to dating. Love, sex, relationships and the chronicles of the horrible and good dates we go on. We sit there and drink wine and discuss all the juicy details.

How did you start your podcast?

Asal: Lauren brought us all together from the get-go. She roped in the only two single girls she knew out of all of our friend groups and here we are!

What are some of the cool things you get to do because of the podcast?

Carly: We have some really cool, free shit sent to us! We also got a free bootcamp session, you know, to get into shape for those guys that don’t date us.

How is this podcast career feeding into your overall life goals?

Carly: I think it’s everyone’s dream is to work for themselves one day, to be in control of their day-to-day and the work they are creating. This podcast allows us to be creative, something we don’t necessarily get in our day jobs, where we work for other people.

How could someone start their own podcast?

Lauren: I think ultimately it comes down to finding the right people to work with. If you don’t want to do it solo, (which I highly recommend not doing), find a really good crew first. Find someone that has knowledge when it comes to production, specifically audio production. You also need to find a niche market. That’s where you’re really going to start seeing results.

What type of personality is suited for what you do?

Carly: We are all so different! I think it’s about finding a good group of people that are a bit yin and yang. A group with different opinions that you can have interesting discussions with. It’s important to have different viewpoints because there will always be a listener that will relate to each of you.

Can you share three tips for being successful in this career?

  1. Asal:
  2. Build a community around yourselves
  3. Find a producer you mesh with
  4. Be a hustler

Tell us a secret about your job?

Lauren: We record our podcast on our living room floor, not a glamorous studio!

Anything exciting coming up?

Lauren: We have several exciting guests coming on. We have a psychic, ex-boyfriends, maybe even my dad! Stay tuned.

You can connect with Lauren, Carley and Asal on instagram and make sure to check out their podcast!

Audrey Lee