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These Are the Ugliest Buildings in Canada According to Reddit

Canada is objectively one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a lot of our architecture. What’s great about judging buildings, however, is that it’s a completely subjective exercise. What may look like an eyesore to some would be considered a masterpiece

#MakeCanadaGreatAgain: Kid’s Clever Test Answer About Canada Goes Viral

All politicians have a knack for avoiding questions they don’t have an answer to. No one does it as profoundly as Donald Trump, who not only avoids questions for sport but actually manages to raise a dozen more with whatever nonsense he spills. It turns out Drumpf‘s signature response technique has actually

10 of the Most Hilariously Niche Dating Sites You’ve Ever Seen

We all know OkCupid. We’ve all tried Tinder. (Shut up, yes you have.) And maybe the more upmarket among you have even shelled out for But what you may not have realized, is that there are some very niche sites that are helping to hook up singletons – and they can get