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This Guy Fell Asleep at Work and the Internet Honoured Him in the Best Way Possible

Admit it: you’ve fallen asleep at work.

When you awoke from your desk-side slumber, you were probably relieved to find out that only Janice from Accounting caught a glimpse of your dozing off. After all, it could have been a lot worse – imagine your boss had walked in between Zs.

Or, even worse: The entire Internet.

Actually, as an intern on his first day at a tech startup recently found out, that would be pretty amazing.

His coworkers snapped a photo of him mid-nap, which he found so hilarious that he uploaded it to Reddit. Bold move – this could have gone dangerously awry. Luckily, it found itself filed under the “PsBattle” subreddit, which encourages users to Photoshop photos however they see fit and re-upload the creative renditions.

The results, of course, were fantastic. Some of our favourites below (see the whole thread here):


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