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15 Crepe Recipes To Spice Up Your Weekend Brunch

Nothing brings people together more on a Sunday than really good food. And since it’s the weekend, we figured why not cheat a little and drop the summer diet for a day. So, to help you impress your family and friends with some serious skills in the kitchen, we scoured

16 Must-Try Cocktails for Canada Day

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nice cold Canadian beer on a hot summer day, but sometimes we need a little cocktail to shake things up. And what better way to celebrate Canada Day than surprising your guests with an all-Canadian cocktail menu? Be patriotic this Canada Day and celebrate

15 Power Breakfast Recipes for Monday Morning

Getting ready for those Monday blues? Well, we might just have a little pick-me up to help you combat the impending doom. The answer: A great breakfast. We have you covered with proteins, veggies and healthy fats so you can take on the day in the best way possible. So get your

Today is the First Ever National Caesar Day

It was only a matter of time before one of the most iconic symbols of our heritage was deemed worthy of its own national day. Today is the first-ever National Caesar Day, an occasion that will surely yield a higher turnout than our federal election