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9 Reasons Nobody Cares What You Did in University

While most of us would hit our university campus all over again if given the choice, and we’re sure proud of that degree that hangs on our parents’ walls, very few other people care about anything you did in university. Here are 9 reasons why

11 Things a Server Can Do to Actually Earn a Good Tip

We totally get it; without tips, waiters would be in rough shape. And nobody wants that. But what nobody also wants is to always shell out 15-20% for some snoozefest to take notes and pour three glasses of tap water. Here are 11 things a waiter can do to really upgrade the dining experience and put us in a most generous mood

Leafs Lowdown: Everybody Loves Raymond

If you are looking for cookie-cutter analysis and/or bland commentary, you are certainly in the wrong place. So, what do we make of the first few days of NHL action? Here are all the plus/minuses you need to know following an action-packed start

A Male’s Argument for Sex on a First Date

Women in their thirties are hard to impress but easy to sleep with. Before you hate me too much, I am aware that this statement sounds categorically chauvinistic. What I’m actually saying is this: women in their thirties are confident enough in themselves to take what they want without worrying what a man might think – but impressing them enough to get that far is much more difficult