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The 17 Most Notable Canadian Athletes of Our Generation

This country has produced a lot of phenomenal sports talent, so with the countdown to the Toronto-hosted PanAm Games well underway, we thought we’d honor the most legendary of our athletic leaf-bearers by doing what Millennials do best; making a list

What His Tattoos Say About the Guy You’re Dating

Tattoos can be pretty hot. But like any fashion decision, they can say a lot about the guy who’s wearing them. So is that his heart on his sleeve, or just his ego? Keep reading if you want to figure out how permanent you should be with him

9 Reasons it’s Better to be Single on the Weekend

Sure, weekends are great when you’re in a relationship – you have a partner in crime for two whole days, and never feel lonely on Sundays. But being single on the weekends isn’t too shabby either. Here are 9 reasons why