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#NotableAwards: Do You Know the Best Tech Expert in Town?

From laptop to smartphone to SatNav, technology influences our daily lives in a huge way. And there wouldn’t be any if it weren’t for the coders who did all the hard work behind the scenes. They’re creating the future and keeping millennials connected. So, who pushes your buttons? If you know

#NotableAwards: Do You Know a Future Prime Minister of Canada?

We don’t need to make Canada great again –it already is. But that’s only because of the dedication of amazing politicians who make it their life’s work to campaign for policy and legislation that they truly believe in. Leading the way on big issues like climate change, immigration and economy, they

#NotableAwards: Who’s the Best Real Estate Agent in Your City?

Whether they’re developing homes or selling them, real estate experts have their finger on the pulse of the city. From condos to townhouses, they know what’s hot, and what’s going to be even hotter in town. Proactive, connected and dedicated to their clients, they’re not looking for a house –

#NotableAwards: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Nominate The Best Millennial in Finance

Unflappable under pressure, confident and trustworthy, financial industry pros take care of our money so we don’t have to. They have a clear strategy, a great reputation, and they don’t just care about making commission. Whether they’re advising individuals, businesses or not-for-profits, they’re always putting the client first. If you