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#NotableAwards: Who’s The Best Salesperson in Your City?

These guys don’t just under-commit and over-deliver – they go above and beyond every step of the way to make sure their clients are satisfied. They invest in people, network with their community, and they’re always looking to help their customers grow their business. So if you know someone who

#NotableAwards: Nominations for Best Personal Brand in Canada Close Soon

From style blog to Instagram and Pinterest account, these personal brand success stories aren’t just making a name for themselves – they’re building a trademark out of it. Using social media and the Internet to establish and promote their brand, they’ve created a fan base just by being their fabulous selves.

#NotableAwards: Do You Know the Best Bartender in Town?

With an encyclopedic knowledge of wines and spirits and a very steady hand, bartenders are the unsung heroes of the drinking game. Keeping calm under pressure, reading our minds when we can’t decide what to order, and consistently making top-class cocktails – let’s raise a glass to the men and women

#NotableAwards: Who’s the Best Style and Beauty Professional in Canada?

Making us look fabulous one blow-dry at a time, the salon superstars and beauticians in our lives are the pampering and preening queens who get us party and wedding ready time after time. And what they do isn’t just skin-deep – they’re delivering self-confidence with every visit, making us feel