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Puppies, Tacos, and Sundae Stations: Klick Inc. is Serious About Workplace Perks

When it comes to “perks” of the job, one Toronto-based company has been making headlines for years for their perk-filled corporate culture. Employees at Klick Inc. already enjoy things like free meals, complimentary morning yoga, and holiday gifts like the seriously comfy Casper mattresses. But when asked what would really

San Francisco Becomes the First Global City in North America to Ban Fur Sales

It’s happening; the anti-fur movement is gaining major traction. While the backlash against rocking fur is nothing new (remember the anti-fur red paint throwers back in the 80s and 90s?), it’s become impossible to ignore; now, the first global North American city has passed legal action against the sale of fur. Last

3 Canadian Cities Among Top 10 in the World for Millennials

Montreal has been named the world’s second-best city in the world for Millennials The ranking was published by the apartment finding service Nestpick, which evaluated cities based on 17 factors: Montreal received high marks for its startup scene (8.1), access to contraception (8.6), immigration tolerance (9.9), gender equality (9.6), and festival

Freelance Life: The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Gig Economy

In theory, freelance life seems pretty damn great. After all, it means the ability to flip open your laptop and work poolside from anywhere in the world, a morning “commute” that involves a trek from your bed to your home workspace, unlimited vacation days, and zero bosses. And, for the

Toronto’s Restauranteurs Are Battling Hunger on Toronto Streets

The irony is that Toronto is a city full of restaurants, but so many people are starving on our streets every day. I worked in a restaurant for years; I saw firsthand how much food was wasted: buns, half-eaten pizzas, and blemished tomatoes – it would all go in the