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How The Founder of Rozaay Management Randy Osei is Changing Business

Millennials, Gen X’s favourite punching bag, are routinely criticized for being entitled and lazy. And yet, the largest generation of Canadians (making up 27% of the total population) is changing the face of business. As the card-carrying members of Generation Y take on more leadership roles, they are redefining what

This is How Director X Throws a ‘Massive’ Party

If you missed AGO Massive earlier this month (April 11), your FOMO is completely justifiable. It’s not every night that Director X throws an over-the-top bash and invites some of his famous friends for the occasion. For those in the dark, AGO Massive is the Art Gallery of Ontario’s (AGO)

#CareerGoals: Millennial Money Expert, Jessica Moorhouse

Mo’ Money podcaster and personal finance extraordinaire, Jessica Moorhouse is breaking down finances and teaching millennials you don’t have to be born rich to get rich!   What does it mean to be a millennial money expert? What I do is help people with money, specifically focused on millennials, however,

Toronto is Redefining its Rental Game Because Nobody Can Afford to Buy

While home ownership – whether a house or a condo – has been viewed as a benchmark for success pretty much forever, the reality is that many Toronto millennials are going to be renters for a lot longer than they may have anticipated. And there’s no shame in that. In

Millennials Would Give Up Netflix, Shopping, and Hockey to Travel

It’s all about experiences over things for today’s young people. A new study by youth adventure travel company Contiki Tours found that Canadian millennials would give up Tim Hortons, Netflix, shopping, and hockey to travel. The survey asked what motivates them to book a trip, what they would give up