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14% of Canadian Millennials Expect to Work Until They Die

It’s tough to be a Millennial in Canada. Our cities are so expensive that many are forced to flee for provincial pastures. We have no savings and mountains of debt. Apparently it takes at least $100,000 to afford happiness. And we spend more time at the office than our European

Study: Millennials Say They Need $100k a Year to Be Happy

To most people, $100,000 is a lot of money. But to many Millennials, it’s the minimum annual salary required to fund a happy life. According to a recent “Millennials and Work” survey conducted by TD Ameritrade, 41 percent of Millennials say they need to earn $75,000 USD ($97,000 CDN) or more a year to

This New Premium Denim Brand Saves Women From Human Trafficking

Your next new pair of jeans comes with an inspirational backstory. Outland Denim, a premium Australian denim brand, has arrived in Canada. Not only does the label offer super comfortable, stylish denim that doesn’t break the bank (too much) in comparison to others (the jeans cost around $235 CAD), the

Trudeau Says Canada Needs More “Swagger” to Promote How Awesome We Are

You know your startup has reached massive success when the Prime Minister of Canada shows up at your annual conference. Earlier this month, Shopify Inc. company partners and developers converged for a forward-thinking conference, Shopify Unite, which took over Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works on May 8 with a packed day

Millennials Are Fleeing Toronto and Vancouver in Big Numbers

Despite being two of the most livable cities in the world, Toronto and Vancouver are seeing their most prized citizens flee at a rapid rate. According to Statistics Canada’s most recent data on intraprovincial migration, the number of people leaving Toronto and Vancouver for other parts of each city’s respective province