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Get Excited: The Notable Awards Are Officially Back

The ‘Oscars for Young Professionals’ are just around the corner. That’s right, it’s Notable Awards season – and NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2015 EDITION ARE NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN. And this is a very big deal. We’re talking about a night with more than one thousand driven and successful game changers who

The Pursuit of Happiness: Scientific Facts to Fuel Your Happiness

“Hi, how are you?” “Good thanks, you?” “Good.” How many times a day are you a part of this conversation? More importantly, how many times do you actually mean it when you say ‘Good’, or ‘Great’, or ‘Fine’? Exactly. [ad_bb1] In our driven millennial lives it’s not hard to end

Lululemon’s New Flagship Store Redefines What it Means to Go Shopping

When Lululemon launched in 1998, it set out to revolutionize athletic wear. Now, the Vancouver-based company is looking to revolutionize the entire retail experience. The yoga pants giant recently opened the doors to a new 12,000-square foot flagship location in New York’s Flatiron District, right around the corner from boutique fitness studios

Design Love: 11 of the Best Office Spaces in Canada

Environment is everything. Gone are the days of the closed cubicle and grey, drabby office chairs. More than ever, companies are investing in work spaces that are not only visually pleasing, but also motivate and encourage their employees to be creative and help the business thrive. From yoga sessions at the

A Bit of a Stretch: Lululemon Just Released its Own Craft Beer

Move over skinny jeans, it’s Canada’s popular purveyors of yoga pants who are dipping into the craft beer scene. That’s right, Lululemon, a company perhaps most notable for everyone’s favourite ass-shaping pants, is about to help expand the very bodies that wear them with its own ‘Curiosity Lager’. And yes, we’re curious too. Teaming