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What I Learned After Meditating Every Day for a Month

There is a you you don’t know. At least, there was a me I didn’t know. I still don’t fully, but at least I now know he’s there. And no, I’m not high right now. I didn’t take peyote and wander the desert for six days. I haven’t found God

Why I’m Trying Meditation Every Day for a Month

Eric Wainwright is’s Editor-in-Chief I’m like you. I’m busy. I’m distracted. I have fears and anxieties. I have ambitions and expectations. I wake up to emails. I go to bed with emails. Too often it feels like I have more notifications than original thoughts. I check my inbox at

What I’ve Learned After Meditating Every Day for a Week

Work email, personal email, Skype (it’s how we communicate at work), phone ringing, text message, Facebook message, Instagram notification, FaceTime, G-chat, and a little something I like to call human voices. That’s a minimum of 10 different sounds I can hear at any point during the day that each mean

The Pursuit of Happiness: 10 Good Reasons You Should Start Meditating

Shhhh. You hear that? Probably. Except the problem is that you could be hearing any number of things. Your phone going off with a text, call, or a new Snapchat. Maybe it’s a Facebook message or an incoming email. Perhaps your latest Tweet is blowing up. The point is, our