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#NotablePeople: The Collective by Eva Redpath

Eva Redpath is a big deal. You may know her as the famous Barry’s Bootcamp trainer, or as the inimitable life coach who has helped countless people achieve their dreams or as a coveted speaker at major conferences across the country. Now, this multi-hyphenate has added another title to her

Tapping into Your Confidence with Motivational Maven Raia Carey

On this week’s episode of The Lucky Few Podcast, Aaron Parker sits down with the charismatic, influential and inspiring Raia Carey, otherwise known as Coach Carey. Raia Carey is a motivational speaker and life coach who is well known for her confidence talk. She is a master at connecting and

#CareerGoals: Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, Raia Carey

Known as Coach Carey, Raia Carey has made it her life’s work to help others. Her main mantras? Lead with love, spread positivity and no stress, ever!   What does it mean to be a motivational speaker and life coach? Being a motivational speaker means I am hired to speak

This is Celebrity Life Coach Tony Robbins’ Highly Unusual Morning Routine

Few people maintain a schedule as jam-packed and intense as that of Tony Robbins. Few people also give as great life advice as him either. Not to mention, he’s become a seasoned and well-repeceted business figure. Basically, the celebrity life coach is doing a few things right. Not to sound cliche, but