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This is Celebrity Life Coach Tony Robbins’ Highly Unusual Morning Routine

Few people maintain a schedule as jam-packed and intense as that of Tony Robbins.

Few people also give as great life advice as him either. Not to mention, he’s become a seasoned and well-repeceted business figure.

Basically, the celebrity life coach is doing a few things right.

Not to sound cliche, but by this point, most young professionals know that a successful day begins with a productive morning routine. In a recent Business Insider article, the 55-year-old, fresh from touring six countries in 12 days, revealed his personal morning ritual. Spoiler: it involves a lot more than a shower, a toothbrush, and a bowl of cereal…

1. A Cold Plunge or a Cyrotherapy Tank
As soon as Tony Robbins wakes up, he heads straight for one of his freezing cold plunge pools, where he keeps himself submerged for a full minute. Yes, that’s 60 seconds of freezing cold water. When he’s at his vacation home in Sun Valley, Idaho, he swaps the pool for an adjacent river instead, even when it’s snowing. “I don’t do it because I’m a masochist — I do it because there is nothing that can change everything in your system like a radical change in temperature,” Robbins told the Business Insider. Ya, no kidding. It’s called putting yourself in survival mode.

In recent years, Robbins has turned to whole-body cryotherapy, which uses liquid nitrogen to drop skin temperature by 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in less than three minutes, reducing inflammation and triggering a rush of endorphins in the process. According to Business Insider, Robbins said it was especially helpful the mornings after a 12 to 14-hour seminar session.

2. A “Priming” Ritual
Throughout his three-part “priming” ritual, Robbins plays instrumental meditative music in the background.

1) It begins with a breathing exercise, in which Robbins does three sets of 30 Kapalabhati Pranayama breaths, claiming it changes the way he breathes and moves. As the hardcore yogis know, in this ancient yoga exercise, a person sits straight up and inhales deeply before forcefully exhaling by constricting his or her abdomen. The inhales in between are minimal, and the full breaths are done in quick succession and finished with a deep inhale followed by a deep exhale.

2) After the breathing routine, Robbins then gives thanks for all of the things he’s grateful for in his life. “The reason I picked gratitude is because when you’re grateful you can’t be angry,” he told Business Insider. “And when you’re grateful you can’t be fearful.”

3) Finally, Robbins takes time to pray for three minutes, something he says doesn’t have to be tied to a specific religion.

3. Fuelling Up
Someone like Tony Robbins is smart enough to know that it’s never a good idea to skip breakfast. That doesn’t mean he’s reaching for the box of Cheerios, however. His breakfast is unexciting but nutrient-packed, and usually involves fish and a salad. Whether he cooks it himself isn’t determined, but I’m going to guess that he has people for that.

Then, he’s out the door (in whatever country he find himself that particular day) and off to change people’s lives.

No. Big. Deal.


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