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Emotional Intelligence Coach Karlyn Percil Shares How To Practice Self-Love With The Live Green Perks App

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Karlyn Percil treated herself to a day of self-love with the Live Green Perks App. The Live Green Perks app has dozens of deals, discounts and promotions that can save you real money and the planet. The Live Green Perks App rewards businesses and consumers on living, buying and being green by offering special promos to deals that benefit the environment. After redeeming 20 deals, The Live Green Perks App will plant a tree on your behalf – talk about a win-win! There’s no better way to show the planet love this Valentine’s day than using the Live Green Perks App. We sat down the Karlyn Percil, certified growth mindset and emotional intelligence coach, to learn more about ourselves, self-love and the Live Green Perks app.


What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love is a practice – it’s not something you feel but something you practice daily that reminds you that no matter what happened or didn’t happen that you matter ….that you are worthy of your dreams and your desires.

How do you practice self-love?

I practice daily – and every day it looks different. Practicing self-love looks like cooking my favourite meal, cleaning my house, making time for the things that matter like flowers, saying what’s in my mind – not holding things in. I make a habit of developing healthy habits like setting intentions, manifesting, eating whole foods to set myself up for a great day. I love getting whole eggs and bacon at The Gladstone Cafe to start my morning – I get 10% when I get my meal to stay, which is a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy the morning. Making time for things that truly make me happy and content is a great way of keeping centred. Taking myself to an afternoon at the Royal Ontario Museum to clear my head is just the type of thing I love to do. With the Live Green Perks App, I get 20% off general admission, which makes these visits all the more attainable.


Do you see self love as a version of self-care?

I believe the two are connected. If you practice self-love your self-care routine is non-negotiable. And vice versa. I see self-care as an expression of self-love. Think about it if you love someone or something how would you treat it? Take care of it? Would you water it daily? Treat it gently? Now think of your self – if you love yourself – how would you treat you? Helen Blakey Flowers supports Ontario’s farmers and sells beautiful, locally grown flowers. A fresh bunch of flowers is such a treat – and a deal – with $5 off my $45 purchase with my exclusive Live Green Perks member discount. 

What advice do you have for people to achieve self-love?

I share my favourite practices and how to create one that will last in my upcoming book: 21 Days of Self Love.
Here are a few of my self-love practices: First I would say to date your future self. Get to know the person you are today and the one you’re becoming. Then create a Self Love practice for every day of the week. Your practice should look different because every day the BEST you change so be gentle, extend compassion to yourself and trust that you are doing your best.
Here are a few of my practices:

1. Stay present, be aware of what you are feeling and how you behaviorally react to those feelings.

2. Set personal boundaries and stick to them.

  1. 3. Be kind to yourself.Speak kindly to yourself.

  2. 4. Don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes. You’ve already paid for it, now let go. Repeat: I forgive you every time you feel a beating coming on.

  3. 5. Learn to say NO.

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To start your self-love journey this Valentine’s Day, make sure to check out the Live Green Perks app to find out all the different ways you can show your mind, body and the planet a little TLC. Click here to download the Live Green Perks app, now! To keep up with Karlyn and her #SelfLove #SoTO journey, click here! 

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