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John Oliver Returns to Teach the Divine Art of Re-Gifting

John Oliver’s currently on a two-month hiatus from hosting HBO’s Last Week Tonight. A significantly pressing holiday conundrum, however, has forced him back into the studio to enlighten the masses with a solution. I can comfortably say it’s the most useful holiday guide you’ll read between now and possibly ever. It concerns

John Oliver Offers the Perfect Response to Paris Attacks

In the first 48 hours after the news broke, people around the world struggled to find words in response to Friday night’s appalling attacks in Paris. Others, meanwhile, found the wrong words. And John Oliver, as per usual, found the perfect ones. Oliver opened Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight with a moment of premium cable

John Oliver Spends 15 Minutes on Canadian Election, Calls Harper a Dickhead

*Please note that sharing of this content in no way reflects Notable’s stance on who should run our awesome country, rather only our stance on humour. We strongly urge all of you to research and vote for the party that you feel best represents your Canada as is your democratic right.  To Last