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John Oliver Returns to Teach the Divine Art of Re-Gifting

John Oliver’s currently on a two-month hiatus from hosting HBO’s Last Week Tonight. A significantly pressing holiday conundrum, however, has forced him back into the studio to enlighten the masses with a solution.

I can comfortably say it’s the most useful holiday guide you’ll read between now and possibly ever.

It concerns the receiving of profoundly underwhelming gifts – like a cinnamon apple Yankee candle from Janice in accounting – and what you can do about it.

There is, of course, only one reasonable answer: re-gift. After all, it’s “the easiest way to pawn off something you can’t stand aside from sending your child to summer camp.”

If you think this is a tacky practice, rest assured John Oliver will convince you it’s absolutely fine and necessary. He offers everything from practical advice (never re-gift something that was clearly meant for you, like an engagement ring) to strategy (the ideal place for re-gifting is at the office secret santa exchange; like peeing in the ocean, sure, it’s not right, but it’s ultimately a harmless solution to an urgent problem).

He even suggests bonus corner-cutting moves like using a gift bag, a.k.a. the sweatpants of gift wrapping.

This literally is a gift that keeps on giving:


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