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The Ashley Madison Hackers Just Released 10GB of Stolen Data

So…it turns out they weren’t bluffing. The hackers that claimed responsibility for stealing a bunch of private data from Ashley Madison, a dating site that encourages infidelity, just posted almost 10GB of the data they stole. The information released includes everything from member emails and phone to full profile descriptions

Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton Most Affected by Ashley Madison Data Leak

As many of you have probably heard, hackers have penetrated the protective walls surrounding Ashley Madison’s user data and are threatening to expose millions of attempted and active adulterers if the company does not shut down the site. [ad_bb1] Like infidelity itself, the site is global, hosting over 32 million

Hackers Can Now Wirelessly Control Your Car and Cause it to Crash

There’s a hacking technique that can target Jeep Cherokees, giving the hackers wireless control of your vehicle via the internet. And it could cost you your life. [ad_bb1] The software was developed by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, two professional hackers, through their recent car-hacking research. Essentially, it allows hackers