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Ottawa, Calgary, and Edmonton Most Affected by Ashley Madison Data Leak

As many of you have probably heard, hackers have penetrated the protective walls surrounding Ashley Madison’s user data and are threatening to expose millions of attempted and active adulterers if the company does not shut down the site.


Like infidelity itself, the site is global, hosting over 32 million males and females looking for a fling outside the ring. Which, in case you’re wondering, is not far behind the approximately 40 million people in the US who are subscribed to Netflix.

Yup, people like cheating almost as much as The States likes mediocre television and a healthy selection of movies with eleven dollar budgets.

But what about Canadians? Are we cheaters too??

O, o, o, o, o, o, o, Canada! You know it!

And according to some numbers released by Ashley Madison earlier this year, some cities are more filled with philanderers than others.

Within Ashley Madison’s Canadian user-base of approximately two million, the most active cities are apparently as follows:

  1. Ottawa: ~190,000 users (15-20% of the population)
  2. Calgary: ~166,000 users (10-15% of the population)
  3. Edmonton: ~142,000 users (10-15% of the population)

Alberta, represent! Whatever is in your water, you might want to sprinkle some of it in your bedrooms.

Now, keep in mind that those are the percentages of the entire population. Which means that of the married population, the percentages are likely even higher.

So if you know somewhere between five and ten married people in any one of those cities, odds are you know someone who is sweating bullets right now… and not because it was too hot to sleep.


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