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These are the 9 WORST People at the Gym

Few places collect a more diverse, entertaining crowd than the gym. And while we’re all about people being themselves, there are just some lines that must be drawn. So next time you visit the gym, try not to get fit into one of these categories

Three Calgary Fitness Studios to Keep You Hot This Winter

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Calgary’s forecast for the next, oh, four months or so isn’t looking too hot. So if you’re not into winter mountain sports, you might be considering hibernating until the next Chinook sweeps in. But instead of letting you go bear on us, we’re giving you three boutique fitness studios that will keep you sweaty all winter long

DNA Fitness: Where the Cool Kids Train

If you were strolling down Notre Dame – maybe heading to Grinder for a cocktail or two – you may just miss this sweet new spot. It’s DNA Fitness’ new location, possibly Montreal’s coolest secret fitness locale. And what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character

Allez Up: Your Badass New Workout

Ready for a serious workout that skips the pull-ups, push-ups and rows? Why not sweat it out on Allez Up’s 16-foot boulders and 48-foot rock walls. Not only is climbing a high-intensity, full body workout (that makes you feel like 007), it’ll give you that adrenaline rush your bicep curls aren’t quite delivering

Rediscover Your Movement at The Monkey Vault

Monkey Vault Owner Dan Iaboni wants you to learn. He wants you to become a kid again. He wants you to believe in the possibilities of movement that most of us have already forgotten. So he built a spectacular space for you to re-educate yourself