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This is Not a Drill: SoulCycle is Coming to Toronto

Toronto’s spinning-loving set with both cash and calories to burn will be pleased to know that SoulCycle will soon be a thing in Toronto. The American workout chain – which has a cult-like and celeb-filled following – will open its first international workout location in the 6ix in March 2017.

This Inspiring Widow Turned Her Life Around With a Selfie-a-Day for a Year

We’re frequently being reminded that selfies are the scourge of modern society. If someone isn’t risking life and limb to get the perfect shot, they’re killing a rare baby dolphin in their quest to do it. So it’s refreshing to hear a positive story about the much maligned self-portrait. A

Ottawa Woman Fights Back Against ‘Breast Shaming’ at Her Gym

An Ottawa-area woman is fighting back against her gym after its staff said her workout outfit – a tank top and stretch pants – was “inappropriate” and “offensive to both the staff and other members.” Apparently, what made it offensive was simply the size of her chest. Jenna Vecchio said