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Retro, Reimagined and Really Easy: Canada’s 2018 Food Trends

A resurgence of the leftover, retro-inspired dishes, cook-and-cut sheet meals, freak shakes and grow-it-yourself goodness – it’s all on the table for 2018. Loblaw recently released their 2018 Canadian Food Trends – a prediction of what Canadians will be eating in the upcoming year, as forecasted by the Loblaw Food

These Are the Trendiest Foods in the World Right Now

The food landscape is always shifting. So the place in our hearts we reserved for cake pops and cronuts may now be donut-shaped ice cream cones instead in 2016. And because food porn is just a type and a click away, Google Food Trends has collected data to give us

Yelp Now Lets You Track Food Trends in Your City

There’s not a lot you can’t figure out when it comes to restaurants and venues in Toronto – so it comes as no surprise that Yelp has made a tool that collects all their data and puts it in one place so you can track trends in your city

The Most Notable Food Trends for 2014

Our generation is becoming more and more interested about what to eat, where to eat it, and even how we can make it all ourselves. If you’re part of the clan that is keen on culinary trendology, we’ve got your go-to list for fantastic new food trends to sink your teeth into for 2014

2011 Food Trends We Love

There’s a slew of food trends this year that have altered the way Canadians approach cuisine from coast to coast. Change is always a good thing in the culinary world; it means we get to explore and challenge what we once thought too exotic or banal. Here’s our five fave 2011 food trends and 25 or so restaurants to try ’em