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These Are the Trendiest Foods in the World Right Now

The food landscape is always shifting.

So the place in our hearts we reserved for cake pops and cronuts may now be donut-shaped ice cream cones instead in 2016.

And because food porn is just a type and a click away, Google Food Trends has collected data to give us some insight into the patterns emerging in the culinary world.

By pulling top volume trends from food categories, Google were able to compile a list of trends from January 2014 to February 2016. While the report is based on food trends in the U.S., we bet that our eating habits are very similar to our friends in the South.

What did they find? Well, we can kiss goodbye to gluten-free cupcakes and say hello to vegan donuts, funfetti, sourdough bread, bitter melon and Gender Reveal Cakes (which are much less scary than they sound).


So what was sooo 2014? Interestingly, wedding cakes waned in popularity as we look to cost-effective or less traditional ways to toast our nuptials.

Quinoa and kale chips had seasonally declined, and rainbow bagels and buffalo chicken fries (um, how the heck did we miss this trend?) were classified as falling stars that had reached their peak on Google.

But we weren’t all hungrily searching for amazing snacks and wondering if we could summon them without leaving our beds. Plenty of people were looking up functional foods, like turmeric, which went up by 56 per cent from November to January and saw 3.9 million consumers watch YouTube videos to learn more about its healing properties.

Pho was the most searched food type, followed by ramen, Mexican candy and Bibimbap (a Korean dish with rice and fermented soybean). The Vietnamese dish has been rising at a steady rate of +11 per cent year on year since 2013 as people seek out the best pho restaurants and recipes so they can attempt it at home.

Pork shoulder was a rising trend, as Googlers asked the search engine for advice on how to slow cook, crock pot and BBQ the meat. And the labour-intensive meat is definitely a weekend dish – consumers were 22 per cent more likely to look it up on a Saturday or Sunday than the rest of the week.

Don’t feel like slow cooking your dinner for hours on end? Well, mug cake was a rising star among the bite-sized snacks category, with 82 per cent more people seeking instruction from December to January 2016 on how to make a quick and convenient treat.


And while we may have seen a lot of spiralizers and zucchini noodles lately as people try to dodge the stodge, it appears that pasta is having something of a renaissance – at least, Rigatoni is. After four years in decline, the tube-shaped pasta is finally growing in popularity, experimenting with twists on a traditional theme, like Rigatoni pie.


The number one searched recipe was how to make waffles, and when it came to how-tos, people just still couldn’t figure out how on earth to cut a mango all by themselves.

Bon appetit.


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